Be a Superhero! Purchase Your Tickets for the 6th Annual Party for the Parks!


On May 31, OSA presents its 6th Annual Party for the Parks at Amazon Fashion Studio, 35 Kent Avenue.


The event will honor the heroic work of Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park in their successful advocacy effort around the CitiStorage acquisition. The group’s championing of the full 27-acre Bushwick Inlet Park belongs at the forefront of the annals of citizen participation in NYC, alongside Jacob Riis’ activism at Five Points and Jane Jacobs leading the opposition to the Lower Manhattan Expressway!

The event will also celebrate the growing parks movement in North Brooklyn. We’re inviting the leaders from all of the friends groups for the parks and community gardens in North Brooklyn as our guests, so you’ll be making merry with others who share your passion for open space.

We’ll have an open bar and a DJ. We’ll send you home with a fun giveaway. And you can go up to Amazon Fashion’s rooftop to enjoy spectacular views of Manhattan and look out over the park our neighbors made possible, one of the City’s future signature waterfront parks, Bushwick Inlet!

Dress code: Business casual with the emphasis on casual.

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