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the weak Chu Emperor these days are not idle. Xiao Yang took the lead, under his command of the direct descendant of the generals received the news, have rushed over, as the torrent of the general convergence behind him. Began his side of the people not much, and so close to the well being of the palace, followed by Xiaoyang also have a dozen real power in the general in the palace, Chu Di did not hang around the palace, but boarded the highest building in the palace, braved the wind and rain , Lean on abs fidget spinner sale the leeway to abs fidget spinner sale see the palace, the direction of the happy palace, deep eye obscure, as the sky rain curtain, haze cold. Feng Xin kneeling on abs fidget spinner sale the side.and Xiaoshu will be crazy, back to Hou House, anxious all Shaw clan, by the way to send a letter to Xiao Ye, happy palace attack. It depends on Xiao family these people in the end who stand here Although the feed and general affairs is handed over to Gu Mingxuan temporary management, but Xiao Yue these years also have to grasp the operation of small uncle. Xiao abs fidget spinner sale Yue eyes to see the palace under the rain curtain, lips brought back, the most unfortunate people will not be me. This group of thieves can successfully enter the capital, attacking the well being of the palace finger spinner edc is certainly not the intention of the emperor indulgence, it seems that has been showing.that scene are like all covered with goose bumps. Slaves go to the goddess to pass the mantra I do not have to go. Su abs fidget spinner sale Gong Gong faint feeling Feng Xin with the Queen of the Queen a little understanding, he and Feng Xin like friends, know each other know each other. He is not also how to run a few times the Queen of the Queen s Palace Zhao Queen has not rest, not because of waiting for Chu Di, but she forgot to forget the time. Previous weeks before the Queen, the palace magnificent. Extravagance luxury, Ru kiln vase. The front of the antique, gem piled bonsai, etc. treasures can be seen everywhere. Zhao Queen after entering the show, furnish the replacement of the whole half, neither look too rich. And will not be too quiet to lose the honor of the.