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hapter 558 Xiao Yang smiled and listened to Gu Ming warm complaints, leaning on led fidget spinner her soft body, gently plucked hot spring water wash his wife who traces, in the background of the water, Gu Ming warm as white, Snow crystal, pool side of the pearl of the light for her to add a touch of shiny color. Xiao Ying was somewhat disappointed, still unable to control fidget spinner 0.99 bow in her red lips at the time when the light kiss, even in nostalgia, he also forced his hand away from the valley, in front of Gu Ming warm , His self control, addiction, not easy to emotion is a joke. Once next to her , Xiao Yang s head will be dominate. Picked up the past has been sleeping Gu Ming wa.Bo grandmother triumphantly mention, Lu uncle deep love aunt, the aunt led fidget spinner pet out of words, see more elders or marriage unfortunate, or Lao Yan sub fly, Gu aunt and Lu uncle fumble is more valuable. Gu Yan Yuan did not care more than warm, happy curious big step to the front yard to go, Gu Ming warm with the up, father innocence did not obliterate, or else will not play with a happy king in a place. Sister, come see the birds. Sure enough, the led fidget spinner king of joy around the height of one of the bells jump and jump, Gu Yan, you come and see, there are beautiful gems it. A box of colorless and transparent glass like a gemstone refraction of light, Akira people can not.l for the monthly. Chapter 328 Sweet Honey one more Injured Xiao Yang how could hurt The Gu Ming han never hurt the exception with the powerful and just to be static North Hou Xiao Yue and thousands of under the pressure of the breathless Xiao Yang linked together. Xiao Yang on the omnipotent, invincible god of war. Yes, Xiao Yang Gang from the battlefield filled the battlefield, Gu Ming warm that Xiao Yang will not be hiding in the guard under the many generals, although not like her father as the rush in the front, on the battlefield, the total can not because He looks handsome, talented high barbarians on mercy, or battlefield arrows do not fired to him. Once the enemy knows his identity, I led fidget spinner m afraid will be led fidget spinner more crazy. Gu Ming hsiang did not dare.